Friday, 2 March 2012

Follow Friday #5

This meme is hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read

Friday again already? The week flew! Hello again everybody.

This weeks question is:
Q: What book would you love to see made into a movie or television show and do you have actors/actresses in mind to play the main characters?
My answer:
The first book that came to mind was Susan Ee's Angelfall. I think it would be an amazing movie. So much action, tension and suspense. I think some parts of it would be hard to watch but I guess that's the fun of it! As for actors/actressses, no idea! I'm not a big movie person so don't know many besides the obvious ones. Perhaps someone else has some ideas?

And if you haven't read Angelfall, what the hell are you waiting for?! ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's answers so don't forget to leave a link to yours! If you decide you like what you see and want to follow me, there are loads of ways for you to do so. Networked Blogs, Linky, Twitter, GFC, Facebook, Email, RSS... whatever suits your needs the best!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, that's a good one. I LOVED Angelfall!

    New follower via Linky!

    Here's our FF

    Jamie @Addicted2Heroines

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

    Hmm, I've never read Angelfall ... but now I'll definitely have to check it out when I get a chance to!!!!!

    Old follower :)

    My FF:

  3. I have heard so many awesome and stupendous things about this book!! I bought it for Kindle, I'm hoping to get to it this month and see what all the fuss is about!!
    My Friday Hops

  4. I haven't read Angelfall... but i will check it out now!

    My FF:

  5. I haven't heard of that one. I'll have to be sure and look it up.

  6. Hi :)

    I own Angefall, but I need to hurry and read it. I heard it's wonderful.

    Happy Friday!
    I'm a New GFC follower, but then I saw you had Linky like me so I followed you via Linky too LOL.

    Here's My FF

  7. Ah, I dont know what the hell I'm waiting for! I'll have to check this out. Thanks for sharing.

    New follower thanks to FF :)

    My FF

  8. Haven't read it!! :(

    New linky Follower -- Courtesy of F&F

  9. I haven't heard of that book before.

    I'm a new follower on Networked Blogs :)

    My #FF

  10. I haven't read angelfall yet, but I'd watch the movie. :) LOL

    I'm a new gfc follower

  11. Angelfall would be AMAZING. Who do you think would be a good Raphael?

    New Follower!

    Check out mine!

  12. Action tension and suspense? I'm IN :-)
    Happy FF! I'm a new follower.
    My post: FollowFriday!

  13. Enjoyed reading your answer.

  14. Well I know I haven't read it, I don't even think I've ever heard of it. but it sounds like a really nice choice!

    old follower

    here is mine

  15. Haven't read Angelfall, but I'll look into it! I'm a new follower via the Linky. Have a happy Friday!

    Ree @ Literary Obsession
    Feature & Follow Friday

  16. Haven't read angelfall

    new follower-GFC-Avry15
    You have a nice blog!:)

    Here's my ff:

  17. I haven't read Angelfall but it is high up on my to read list, it looks so so good. New follower, just stopping by. Here's my FF. :)


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