Monday, 5 December 2011

Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence by Diane Chamberlain
416 pages
Genre: Romance, Realistic Fiction, Women's Fiction 
Age group: Adult
Stars: 5/5

Description via Goodreads
Laura Brandon had promised her dying father she would visit Sarah Tolley, but her own agony is drowning out the old woman's ramblings. Her husband killed himself, and the only witness- her daughter, Emma- now refuses to speak. Desperate, Laura turns to a man she once met nine years ago: Emma's real father. Together they search frantically for the key to Emma's silence, only to find it in an old woman's fading memories of love, despair and unspeakable evil.
My thoughts:

Diane Chamberlain's writing is very distinctive and unique and I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book.

Breaking the Silence was almost impossible to put down. It's full of fascinating characters and tons of mystery. The whole time I was just so eager to know what the truth was and there was plenty to keep me entertained until the final truth came out- which I was pretty satisfied with, in the end.

I'm not usually a fan of alternating narrators but I didn't mind it in this one- it worked and it was very easy to follow. Laura is a really likeable character though certainly not flawless or over the top. Emma was interesting, well developed, believable. Dylan was way more likeable than I expected him to be- and Ray and Stuart angered me a lot.

The ending was great. Some bits were a bit predictable, but the rest I certainly did not see coming. I loved how it all came together and made sense after so many pages of being confused and wondering how it could all work out. Overall, it was an excellent book and I'm looking forward to reading more of Chamberlain's work.

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