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Review: Fall For You by Cecilia Gray

Title: Fall For You
Author: Cecilia Gray
Publication date: February 10th 2012
Age group: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover rating: 3/5
Content rating: 3.5/5
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Description via Goodreads:
Jane Austen meets Pretty Little Liars in this fresh, new young-adult series! 
To say Lizzie and Dante are polar opposites is the understatement of the century. He's a snooty Exeter transfer with more money than Google. She's a driven study-a-holic barely keeping up with tuition. It's obvious that Dante thinks he's way too good for Lizzie. And Lizzie knows Dante is a snob with a gift for pushing her buttons. 
But things are changing fast this year at the Academy. And when Lizzie's quest to stop those changes blows up in her face, taking her oldest friendship with it, she has nowhere else to turn but to Dante, with his killer blue eyes, his crazy-sexy smile, and his secrets... Secrets Lizzie can't seem to leave alone, no matter how hard she tries...
My thoughts:

I love anything Jane Austen related, especially when it also happens to be Young Adult! So of course, I was really excited about Fall For You and very happy to come across it. It wasn't the best Austen-related novel I've read but it was highly entertaining and I'm very glad I decided to give it a go! It's the perfect book for curling up with for a couple of hours and you won't want to put it down! 

Fall For You follows Lizzie as she deals with a whole lot of changes. The school she's known and loved is changing before her eyes and it's really daunting. Lizzie is a wonderfully created character and a great role model. She's so determined and absolutely oozes confidence! It was fantastic watching her take on everything that came her way and really quite refreshing. I enjoyed getting to know all of the characters and the story line kept me interested, even if it's predictable! 

The writing in the book is pretty good. It's definitely a light-hearted and easy read. I flew through it in no time, both because it's easy to read and because I was enjoying myself so much. It's easy to lose yourself in the story and I found myself wishing it had been a bit longer because I wanted more! My only real issue was that the story obviously followed the Pride and Prejudice storyline yet the school was also called The Jane Austen Academy and Austen's books were talked about. That didn't make sense to me as it would mean the characters are technically aware of the world that their own lives are based on... but I'm probably just over thinking it! 

Overall, Fall For You was a great start to a promising series and I'll certainly make sure I get around to reading the sequels in the future! I would recommend this to any YA and Austen fans. 


  1. You know I'm not a big lover of the contemporaries but this one has peaked my interest. Hopefully I'll get around to giving it a try one day, going to add it to my TBR to remind me :) Great review!

    I am so sad to see you go Nicola but it's totally understandable. Best of luck in your future endeavours with college etc. and keep in touch. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around on GR anyway. Take care :)

  2. Lovely review Nicola. I find it's inevitable for a re-telling to be predictable but usually the ones I read are because I loved the original so much I don't mind.

    Sorry to hear you won't be posting on he blog much anymore. Totally understand though. I'll see you on goodreads then! :)

  3. I've seen this book around blogosphere and it sounds very interesting! Like you said, if I were any character in this book, I might would freak out because my life seems like Pride and Prejudice! Aside of that, I think I need to check out this book. I love how entertaining it sounds! <3 Beautiful review, Nicola! x)

    Oh my, we're going to MISS you on blogs so much! :'( I'll be sure to keep up with you on Goodreads though! <3 Never say never, so I'm hoping to find you someday posting on your blog again, Nicola! <3

  4. Great review! I only just discovered this book so it's good to hear your thoughts. I'm glad it's such a quick and easy read and not without promise. I'll have to pick it up! :)

    Oh Nicola, I'll be sad to see you go! Your blog is one of my favourites. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you return to blogging one day, but it's completely understandable if you don't. I'm sure we'll bump into each other on Goodreads! :) I hope everything is okay. <3

  5. Great review, Nicola! I think I will have to go check this one out myself. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Aww, I will miss you Nicola, but I hope I will see you around Goodreads. Hope you come back to blogging someday as I will miss your wonderful posts. :) xox

  6. Dang, I went from happy about the book to sad about your announcement. :( *sigh* Guess I'll have to stalk you on GR :D

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed this, I have been hearing good things about it and yours is another review that has me wanting to read it!

    Also, I requested you on Goodreads, YAY! :)

  8. Oh no, wait! Your last post ever?! :( Well then I am even more glad that you'll be on Goodreads!

  9. Great review! :) I'm sorry it isn't an amazing Jane Austen-related novel, but it does sound really sweet and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    And I'm sorry this may be your last blog post! I'll miss you and your awesome blog posts! :)

  10. Lovely review, Nicola, and I'm glad you liked this! I'm attracted to anything related to Jane Austen (even the lighter, fluffier books) so I think I'll check this out, especially after your review!

    I've been reading your blog for awhile, and I'll definitely miss your presence here. :( Hope to see you around elsewhere, though!

  11. Light hearted contemporary Austen-none of which are my normal things, but I'll read it anyway.
    And goodbye! Will try and keep in touch via goodreads...Have a fantastic life :)

  12. Will keep in touch via Goodreads, and yes, never say never :-)

  13. "Jane Austen meets Pretty Little Liars in this fresh, new young-adult series!"
    ^ That alone has me intrigued! Beautiful review! <3

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  16. Hmmm... It doesn't look like my kind of thing. But I have a sister who I will definitely rec it to. Thanks for the review. :)

  17. thank you for the review...very well written. The book is indeed awesome just by basing on the review.

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  19. The Fall for You book looks very sweet and romantic. I love romance books. They are too die for, Thank you for sharing.

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  23. I haven't heard of this book before but I am a total Austen-anything fan so I will be checking this one out. Thanks for the great review =)

    Emily @ Falling For YA

  24. I see your point about calling it "Jane Austen Academy". Not very subtle! And assumes readers can't figure it out. Perhaps the author just can't resist. Others have done the same. Kathy Reichs, author of the Tempe Brennan novels, wrote a couple of YA novels about Tempe Brennan's niece. In one scene the heroine is watching an episode of Bones. It was a throwaway line, but didn't make sense. Luckily the book itself was a delight.

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