Sunday, 6 May 2012

Showcase Sunday #2

Showcase Sunday is a weekly book haul meme hosted by Books, Biscuits and  Tea.
Wow, another week down! I have lots of amazing books to show as usual and I hope you all do too!

I bought some great books:
Got some exciting books for review:
Bought and borrowed and received some more ebooks:  

Now I just have to read them! ;) Thanks so much for stopping by and don't forget to leave your link in the comments below! I have lots of reviews coming up next week and an ebook giveaway too!


  1. Black Dawn! Eeeeeep! I got that one too this wait and I cannot WAIT to get stuck into it. :) Awesome haul this week Nicola. I hope you enjoy them all!

  2. WOW, you have a ton of new books. I sooo think Black Dawn would be something I would love. I have to add that to my ever growing list!
    Happy Reading and thanks for stopping by my IMM this week!


  3. Snap! I got some of the same books this week, the three from Netgalley as well as Epic Fail which sounds fun! Also, I hope you like The Statistical Probability... it's a sweet read!

  4. Great haul! I'm seeing Timepiece pop up all over the blogosphere lately, so need to read Hourglass. Hope you enjoy!

    Here's my Goodie Bag

  5. Amazing haul! Black Dawn is supposed to be amazing read, so I hope you'll enjoy it too! I really want to read The Statistical Probability of Love at the First Sight, because it just seems very lovely! <3 Enjoy your books, Nicola! :)

    Here is my haul this week. :)

  6. These look great! I got Code Name Verity last week, but not started yet. I feel like it's time to get The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight too. Happy reading :-)

    Here are my books if you'd like to stop by.

  7. Awesome haul Nicola. Night School and The Statistical Probability are two books that I really want to read so I'll be interested to see what you think of them, Night School especially. Yeah Eden's root sounds good, we can compare notes :)

  8. OMG!!! So many awesome books! Definitely want Inhale. Awesome haul! :D

    Drop by my Showcase Sunday?

  9. Wow. You have an awesome haul. You're 3 review books are ones I've managed to grab for review. I'm looking forward to them. Hope you enjoy. :o)

  10. Fantastic book haul, Nicola! You just reminded me how much I want to read Night School ;) Enjoy all your reads!

  11. Loved The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight! Such a cute read! Also just finished One Moment and thought it was great! Enjoy! :)

    You can see what I got this week Here!

  12. Yay, Black Dawn! Reading and loving that right now!

  13. Oh, your list rocks Nicola! First off, Timepiece! Finished it this week and it was awesome:) One word: KALEB. That is all. And I really want to read The Statistical.... it's one of those I have wanted but have never bought. And I got Code Name Verity as well, I think it's going to be great, I'm really excited to read it! Love your haul this week!!!

  14. I don't think you received enough this week *giggles*

    Happy reading!
    Lauren @ Northern Plunder

  15. Brilliant set of books this week Nicola! I couldn't help myself but request all the fabolous you got off netgalley too! Also Epic Fail, Because of Low and loving Emily look like great reads too! Happy reading! :)

  16. I really like The Statistical Probability of Love At First sight! :)
    And I need to read Hourglass...
    Awesome Haul

    Here is mine:

  17. Epic Fail has been on my to-read list for a while. Looks so good! :)

    Enjoy all your reads!

  18. the statistical was a really nice book I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did as all your new books. Happy reading!

    here is mine

  19. Quite a haul there.

    Interested in the Myra McEntire books. Hopefully they'll come out on Kindle.

    I'm planning on getting Code Name Verity soon.

  20. oh!! The statistical probability of love at first sight is so beautiful! Shadows is epic!! Epic fail is hilarious!! Love your haul! Enjoy all your awesome books this week ;) :)

  21. Timepiece is amazingly good! Enjoy all your new books!

  22. I hear so many great things about 'The statistical...' I can't wait to read it myself. Happy reading! :D

  23. I have heard some great things about Night School but never was able to find a copy, I think it is something only in the UK.

    The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is a really great book. It is sort of instant love because the story happens in one day but it feels so much different than that.

    I hope you enjoy all of the great books you got this week! Happy reading!

  24. Night School!! I have that on my Kindle but I still need to find the time to read it :( Can't wait!


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