Saturday, 24 March 2012

Review: Supergirl Mixtapes by Meagan Brothers

Title: Supergirl Mixtapes
Author: Meagan Brothers
Publication date: April 24th 2012
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co
Age group: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Cover rating: 4/5
Content rating: 2/5
Buy: Amazon

After years of boredom in her rural South Carolina town, Maria is thrilled when her father finally allows her to visit her estranged artist mother in New York City. She’s ready for adventure, and she soon finds herself immersed in a world of rock music and busy streets, where new people and ideas lie around every concrete corner. This is the freedom she’s always longed for—and she pushes for as much as she can get, skipping school to roam the streets, visit fancy museums, and flirt with the cute clerk at a downtown record store. But just like her beloved New York City, Maria’s life has a darker side. Behind her mother’s carefree existence are shadowy secrets, and Maria must decide just where—and with whom—her loyalty lies.
My thoughts:

In Supergirl Mixtapes, we meet Maria, a young girl who has decided to move to New York City to be with her mother who she hasn't lived with for a long time. She was bored with her old town and was sure New York would bring great things to her life- even though her mother has never been very responsible and didn't help raise her. I was excited about starting this one. The cover with the cassette on it is very cute and gives off a fun vibe.

I have mixed feelings about this book, though. I liked a lot of it but other parts failed to hold my attention! For example, there is a lot of talk about various bands and singers. I didn't personally find this interesting as it didn't mean much to me and there was nothing intriguing about what they were saying. However, people who are big into music will probably enjoy that aspect a lot more than I did! For me, it just broke up the flow of the novel and pulled me out of Maria's world every so often.

Other than that, Supergirl Mixtapes was a decent read. Maria is very easy to like and there is so much mystery in this book. I felt so sorry for her as we learned more and more about her mom and got to know her mom's boyfriend better. The book is full of interesting characters and they all have loads of baggage! I enjoyed the last quarter of the book the most. It's really interesting watching how Maria deals with everything and it was easy to empathise with her. Overall, this novel was okay but hardcore music fans will certainly enjoy it more than I did!


  1. Great review!! I believe I gave this one a two as well, and my review sounded very similar. The music part bored me rather than interesting me. Glad I wasn't the only one! It's a shame though, that cover is amazing...probably my favorite cover.

    Jessi @ Auntie Spinelli Reads

  2. To be quite honest, this book doesn't sound like my type of thing. I LOVE music but there are very few books about music that I can actually read. It's a shame this didn't impress you enough. :(

  3. It's a shame this wasn't that great, I really like the cover and it sounds a lot of fun. If it shows up in my library, I'll borrow it.


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