Monday, 19 March 2012

Cover reveal: Cataclysm by Karice Bolton (The Watcher's Trilogy #3)

Hi everyone! Today I'm participating in the cover reveal for Cataclysm by Karice Bolton. This is the final book in the Watcher's Trilogy and will be released on April 2nd 2012. The cover was designed by Phatpuppy Art. I personally think this cover is absolutely gorgeous. It's so eye-catching and unusual here. Here you go:

Book Description:
When it becomes obvious that the dark side will stop at nothing to control the mortal world, Ana is faced with a decision that could determine the fate of Fallen Angels everywhere. Determined to not use mortals as pawns, Ana does her best to prepare for the battles ahead while protecting the innocent souls around the world. As danger looms at every turn, she realizes that the ones she thought were prey might actually be the predators, and it will take an army like never before to stop the wickedness from spreading throughout the world. 
Connect with the author: 

Karice Bolton's Website 
Karice Bolton's Blog
Twitter: @KariceBolton

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Cataclysm on Goodreads

So, what do you think? 


  1. Sounds interesting and looks good, I'll have to add it to my list. Thanks for dropping by the Paperback Princesses.

  2. Very pretty cover and you've made me aware of a new book!

  3. Love it! I want to know why her hand are tied together! This looks great and I can't wait to read the series. :)

  4. Just read this amazing new YA fiction on Ganesha - Part 1 of the Temple Wars series - I think everyone should check it out! Temple Wars


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