Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Title: Secrets
Author: Freya North
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Age group: Adult
Genre: Romance
Cover rating: 4/5
Content rating: 4/5

Description via Goodreads:
Joe has a beautiful house, a great job, no commitments– and he likes it that way. All he needs is a quiet house-sitter for his rambling old place by the sea. When Tess turns up, he's not sure she's right for the job. Where has she come from in such a hurry? Her past is blank and she's a bit of an enigma. But we all have our secrets. It's just that some are bigger than others.
My thoughts:

Secrets was a really interesting book and I'm definitely glad I read it. I was very intrigued by the premise and it sounded like a book I could really lose myself in and enjoy. I love books that help me relax and that are easy to read- Secrets was certainly one of those books!

The opening of the book caught my attention and from there, I knew I would have no problem reading to the very last page. I needed to know what was going on and I wanted everything to work out for these mysterious characters! They were well written, believable and easy to empathise with. Tess, while admittedly silly and impulsive, was a fun character and I found it easy to like her. Joe definitely took some getting used to and I still don't think he's the nicest guy around but I grew to accept the way he was and his nice side completely shone by the end!

Was Secrets amazing? Not really, but it was very good. It had one or two things that bugged for. I think it was dragged out too much and could have been condensed down by at least a hundred pages. I also really wasn't feeling the relationship between Tess and her daughter. It felt like Em wasn't really there most of the time and Tess didn't really seem to engage with her. Other than those two things, I thought it was an immensely enjoyable book and at no point was I bored or contemplating stopping.

Secrets is certainly worthy of four stars and I am eager to read more of Freya North's work in the future as I do think she has talent.

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  1. Secrets sounds like a great book. Right from the title it seems interesting. I like your honest review and the fact that you think it could have been a bit shorter. Overall- it sounds like a worthwhile read. :)



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